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07/02/2013 - 07:23pm to 07/10/2013 - 09:00am
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Update: The failed TFTP server has been restored and returned to service. DHCP servers have been reconfigured to use both TFTP servers as of 12:45 ET.

Update: DHCP servers have been reconfigured to direct PXE clients to use the redundant TFTP server. This issue should no longer affect NINJa terminals. Work to restore the failed TFTP server is underway.

Begining 7:23pm July 2nd, any NINJa station which is rebooted will hang.  While we do not currently have a timeframe for recovery, any NINJa station which was not rebooted will remain up and functioning.

The cause of this outage is due to a failed TFTP server which provides the netboot image for the operating system.  Currently both the Net-Dev and Systems groups are working to resolve this issue.  It is important not to powercycle any NINJa terminals while this outage is in progress; any NINJa terminals effected by this issue will display a black screen with the error message "TFTP Timeout".

We will send out another service alert when this issue has been resolved.

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