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06/07/2013 - 07:00pm to 06/08/2013 - 03:00pm
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UPDATE 2: All work on this change, including regression testing, is now complete.  CUIT will continue to monitor.

UPDATE1: Regression testing continues but this change is believed to have been successfully completed by 9pm EST.


A planned maintenance has been scheduled by CUIT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

WHAT service(s) affected:  ServiceNow (

WHAT are the customer-facing symptoms: There are no anticipated customer-facing symptoms.  It is possible that sometime during the 2-hour slot ServiceNow may appear sluggish or slow, but no downtime is anticipated. The anticipated customer-facing changes are:

Finance and HR customers who currently use Change Management in ServiceNow will see an alteration of the Navigation bar. Currently, they see under the Change section that it says Create New Change. Once this maintenance is complete, they will see a new subsection called CUIT Changes and a separate one for ARC/PAC Changes. Finance/HR staff will now have to click 'Create New' under ARC/PAC Changes.

Finance and HR users will also see a new checkbox in their Change Requests, called 'Fiscal Year End'.  This enhancement was requested so that the volume of work related to FYE could be more easily tracked.

WHAT maintenance action will be performed: We will be updating the Change module of ServiceNow to add new functionality.

WHO is affected:  CUIT users of ServiceNow will now have a way of submitting Change Requests in a reportable manner, and Finance/HR users will see the slight alteration in how they start to submit a new ARC/PAC Change.

WHEN is the planned disruption happening: Friday 6/7 7pm-9pm EST

WHY was this necessary: This was necessary as part of CUIT's implementation of a Change Management process, to track and schedule maintenances in our production system environments. A soft launch commences 6/10 9am EST with select CUIT groups, and full expansion to the rest of CUIT is scheduled for 6/17 9am EST.

WHERE to direct follow-ups: or 212-854-1919

CUIT users involved with Monday's soft launch were emailed separate instructions on how to best report questions and issues about the process or tool.

For a full list of current and future service alerts, please visit