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Resolved Service Alerts

Resolved Service Alerts

  • ACD
    01/07/2009 - 10:00pm to 01/08/2009 - 07:19am

    Starting around 10pm,  the CUIT Helpdesk at 212-854-1919 began having difficulties answering incoming calls.  Customers may call into the queue, but technicians cannot answer calls waiting on hold.  We apologize for this, and request you visit the CUIT web site at to search for solutions or report a problem, or email


    UPDATE: Backup phone service was restored by 10:35pm.   The issue seems to be related to the operating system on the ACD system.   Facilities Helpdesk was also affected.   Technicians continue to work on a permanent solution to this issue.
  • Network - Ethernet
    01/04/2009 - 07:00am to 01/04/2009 - 06:30pm
    Electrical work in UTS took longer than expected to complete. Network connectivity was restored at 6:30PM.
  • Network - Ethernet
    01/03/2009 - 07:00am to 01/04/2009 - 07:00am
    Con-Edison is currently conducting electrical work in the Union Theological Seminary (UTS).  To conduct this work, electricity in UTS is shut down from 1/3/09 at 7AM until 1/4/09 at 7AM.  This shutdown will disrupt all ethernet connections in UTS during this period.
  • Network - Ethernet
    (Approximate) 01/02/2009 - 08:30am to 01/02/2009 - 04:30pm

    The facilities department will shutdown electricity at Nevis Laboratories on Friday 1/2/2009 from 8:30am to 4:30pm.


    During this time period, we anticipate our network equipment at Nevis to lose power. Thus, Nevis Labs will lose data connectivity to anywhere outside of Nevis. The voice tie line between Nevis and Morningside will also go down.


    LDEO normally accesses the Internet through Nevis. While Nevis is down, LDEO will access the Internet through Morningside.

  • Cable TV Services
    01/01/2009 - 12:01am to 01/01/2009 - 05:58pm

    Due to a contract dispute between Time Warner and Viacom, the following channels may not be available on CUtv starting 01/01/09:

    Comedy Central
    TV Land

    UPDATE:  This was resolved at the last hour between Time Warner and Viacom.