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Service Alerts


Resolved Service Alerts

Resolved Service Alerts

  • PCI System
    05/10/2016 - 04:30am to 05/10/2016 - 06:00am

    This work was successfully completed. 


    On Tuesday 5/10/16 CUIT will performing IOS upgrades on our Cisco ASA5505 security appliances located in the data center.  The appliances support PoS services for credit card and Flex transactions.  As there is not full redundnacy on the standby server, there will  be a brief outage for on and off campus credit and Flex transactions when the active server is rebooted.   This outage is not expected to last more than a few minutes. 

  • Network - Ethernet and Wireless
    05/06/2016 - 08:30pm to 05/06/2016 - 09:30pm

    UPDATE: The outage was caused by an electrical issue with network equipment in Low. As of approximately 9:30, service has been restored. CUIT will continue to monitor the situation. 

    Beginning at approximately 8:30pm, some users in Low Library lost network connectivity due to an equipment failure. CUIT administrators have been notified and are currently working to resolve the issue.

    CUIT is investigating the cause of the failure, and anticipates having an update shortly. We apologize for this service interruption.

    For a complete list of recent and upcoming scheduled service changes, please visit

  • Network - DNS
    05/06/2016 - 05:00pm to 05/09/2016 - 09:00pm

    CUIT is performing necessary maintenance on services hosted on, starting 5pm on May 6. Maintenance is expected to be complete by 9pm.

    During the scheduled time of this service alert, users will experience 30 to 60 minutes of downtime on the following services:


    • DNS hostmaster request form
    • WebMeetme
    • Various network management tools that reside on


    CUIT apologizes for any inconvenience this maintenane may cause. If users continue to experience issues after the maintenance window, please contact the CUIT Helpdesk:


    Phone:   212-854-1919



    For a list of active and future service alerts, please visit


  • Email
    05/06/2016 - 12:10pm to 05/06/2016 - 05:00pm

    This problem has been fixed


    SMTP authentication is failing on 2 of 4 hosts in CUIT staff are investigating the problem.


  • Network - Ethernet, Wireless and NetPhone
    05/06/2016 - 01:00am to 05/06/2016 - 07:30am

    CUIT is performing network maintenance at Faculty House on Friday May 6th, from 1:00am until 7:30am.  During this time, wired- and wireless- network connectivity may be unavailable.

    CUIT apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause, but this action is necessary to ensure a more reliable service.  If clients continue to experience issues after the service-interruption hours, please contact the CUIT Helpdesk at:


    Phone:   212-854-1919



    For a list of active and future Service Alerts, please visit